Ultra-rugged underground 3D scanners

Designed to survive the rigors of the mining industry

Geosight is a Canadian company known for developing the toughest 3D mapping scanner in the mining industry. Since 2011, Geosight CMS (NX-150) has been utilized to scan dangerous cavities in global mining operations across six continents.

In 2017, we began working on a new borehole 3D scanner that would provide a 360-degree view of inaccessible underground voids through a borehole. Due to limitations of the previously available borehole scanners, a new design was required to meet the requirements that are the corner stone of our philosophy. Robust design, ease of use and longevity of the equipment while maintaining cost effectiveness. Presenting the GSM-16.

Upon success of GSM-16, we here at Geosight believe in progress and development and to lead the mining technology world. After hearing demands from our clients that required a hole deviation measurement tool, we quickly starting developing our third product, the Scout. Releasing in 2023, Scout is a hole deviation measurement tool that can provide measure a 30m hole in under 5 minutes.


Innovative solutions for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities in underground mining operations

Geosight began prototyping a fully functional unit of the GSM-16 to test function, robustness and tolerance for the high volume manufacturing process. This step included testing a variety of industrial surface coatings including PVD, PVO and several aluminum alloy coating options.
The goal was to minimize the impact of abrasion over time and maintain GeoSight’s competitive position as the ‘toughest scanner’ in the mining industry.

The prototype testing revealed some issues with sensor feedback, material abrasion, and challenges when the equipment was coming up the borehole versus travelling down the hole. Based on the feedback from the initial prototype, updates were made to the design to then create a second prototype which also required fine tuning and we finally developed a full production unit. We continue to develop accessories and better power management to the GSM-16 to maintain its credibility as the best borehole scanner on the market.

The Scout went through similar development process where we learned from our failures in the field and aiming to build a reliable and consistent hole deviation monitoring tool. The key focus on Scout is the ease of use and efficiency as there are hundreds of boreholes in mines and it is vital to ensure holes do not deviate beyond an acceptable value. The tools available in the market take a long time to measure one hole in order to preserve accuracy. Scout was developed to overcome that while maintaining accuracy. The use of our patented base station eliminates the need to stop every interval to capture a reading. The user can simply push the probe in the hole till the end and pull it back without any stops. The base station creates a full closed loop that ensures accuracy of the Scout.


Our scanners allow users to perform the regular 3D laser mapping of underground voids, shafts, stopes and ore passes quickly, safely and with accuracy.

GeoSight provides innovative solutions for scanning dangerous and inaccessible cavities in underground mining operations.

Fast, real-time data acquisition decreases operator exposure time underground, reducing potential risk to the operator. Acquired data gives insight to stope production, helps extend site usable life, reduce dilution, calculate backfill volume, and investigate backfill and blast efficiency.

The result was a production release manufacturable design that both the development groups and end-users were happy with. The next step is a volume manufacturing run. GeoSight GSM-16 is a tough, quick and easy to deploy. Our training provides everyone, even those with limited surveying experience, the ability to confidently and effectively use our equipment.